Jennifer Norman, Founder of The Human Beauty Movement

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A glimpse behind the curtain of selling beauty by the decade.

Beauty Marketing, Y2K Style

When I started working in the beauty business, it was around the year 2000. At that time, it was understood that beauty’s ideal age was 25 years old. If a model was younger, she was made up to look older, about 25. If a person reading the magazine was older, then she wanted to look like she was 25. At 25, a person was fertile, skin was plump, there was a confidence of moving past the teen years, but not a desperation associated with the notion of turning 30. At 25, chances are you didn’t have graying roots or nasolabial…

Nineteen selfies of the author with filters. One without.

This is Jaleesa

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Jennifer Norman

Jennifer Norman is the Founder of The Human Beauty Movement and Humanist Beauty. She is also an award-winning author of SuperCaptainBraveMan children’s books.

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